P. Pufferfish accidentally checks out 4 e-books at once.

How does one check out not one, but four e-books accidentally, you ask?

Over winter break, I placed a hold on The Lord of the Rings because I was getting ready for my annual reread after my annual LOTR extended edition marathon, but wanted to read the e-book instead of my print copy. I figured I wouldn’t get my item for a while, so I read some other books instead and completely forgot about having placed a hold in the first place.

Fast-forward to the beginning of this week, one day after the start of the new quarter, and I get an email informing me my hold item is now available. Well, shit. No matter– I am on a mission not to procrastinate this quarter, so I was on track with assignments, and since I was also rewatching the Hobbit trilogy and Shadow and Bone, which I’d placed on a hold on after finishing Crooked Kingdom in December, wasn’t available yet, I started rereading LOTR, with the intent of finishing 1/10 of the book a day so that I’d be done at the end of two weeks (which is when it’s due).

Then I got an email informing me that my library’s book club read, Circling the Sun, had been automatically checked out to me. Okay, I thought, it never takes me that long to reread LOTR, so I’ll read Circling the Sun right after I’m done. Then yesterday night, I got another email saying that Shadow and Bone had been automatically checked out to me, too. It’s a YA book– I’ll speed through it after Circling the Sun, I confidently told myself. Just now, I received a fourth email: “Outlander is now available and has been automatically checked out to you.”

I’m drowning in books, but what a thrilling feeling! I still haven’t finished The Lathe of Heaven, despite it being only 187 pages long, because I’ve been reading it only during my breaks at work for the past few days (but I’m halfway through it!). I’m listening to The Last Olympian on CD during my daily commute, and I checked out/downloaded the audiobook for Speaker For the Dead on my phone to listen to during walks and while I’m getting ready in the bathroom in the morning. Really gruesome/interesting book, by the way. I’m glad I took that ethics course last quarter– I don’t think I would appreciate it as much otherwise. My friend loved Ender’s Game, but hated Speaker For the Dead because she “wanted to read a continuation of Ender’s space adventures, not a philosophy text”. I never liked Ender’s Game as much, so so far, Speaker For the Dead is better.

I wish I was completely healthy again, so I could vigorously tackle all my assignments, readings, projects, extracurriculars, and these books. I haven’t been at 100% for a while, so I’ve needed more sleep and have been very wary of overexerting myself. I really hope it turns out to be just stress/anxiety and my awful allergies causing all this and nothing more serious than that– I have too much shit I want to do!