Who am I? I am in my 20s, just graduated (as in about 2 weeks ago) with my Master’s in Library and Information Science from UW, and have been working in a public library for a while.

What do I want to read? My favorite genres are science fiction and fantasy. Lately, I’ve been reading more YA novels, but still primarily in the sci-fi/fantasy/adventure genres. I’m not a fan of romance, and you will see that reflected in my (somewhat biased) reviews. I joined my library’s book club in order to round out my novel-reading a little (the book club’s demographics are largely skewed towards older white ladies who enjoy “good, award-winning literature”), but my attendance has been lax lately because of work (ironic, eh? My work at the library prevents me from attending library-hosted events). I have also been/am still on the hunt for sci-fi/fantasy books from different regions of the world. More recently, I’ve been focusing on finding good translated works, because I’d like to avoid limiting myself to works written in English only/that are most likely more western-centric. I also want to find sci-fi/fantasy books that are funny/humorous, because so many sci-fi/fantasy books are just plain depressing; half the YA section at the library (the half that isn’t contemporary novels) seems to feature dystopian worlds! Where has the (admittedly dark) humor of authors like Jonathan Stroud gone?

How does my ratings system work? I basically stole Goodreads’s ratings system (so “I liked it” is 3 stars, “I really liked it” is 4 stars, etc.), except I’m allowing myself to use half-stars, because sometimes a book isn’t good enough for 4 stars, but I liked it more than just a little, so I want to give 3.5 stars, damn it!

What do I do when I’m not reading or working? Uhhhhh…… you know, I’m working on this one. I’m so used to being busy every minute of my day (I was a full-time grad student working a paid job and a 20 hours-per-week academic library internship, a research assistant, etc. etc. up until a few weeks ago) that now that I’m just working and no longer in school or interning, I’ve been doing nothing else but reading, playing The Sims 4, going out with friends, and watching TV/movies. I’m pretty much just enjoying my summer vacation like I usually do, which is weird, because there is no school to go back to in the fall this year and I haven’t fully accepted that yet.